Buissines system

From five departments (Beograd, Novi Sad, Niš, Čačak and Bavanište) supplies around 90 % of Serbian market

Mini machine-bussienss system

For companies that care about their employees we offer MINI machine (tehnical data), with folowing options of drinks:

  • Nescafé espresso
  • Nescafé with milk
  • Nescafé cappuccino
  • Nescafé cappuccino with chocolate
  • Nescafé moccaccino
  • Nesquik hot chocolate

With the machine company gets a free set of cups and sugar bowl. Vending LLC performs all the installation, maintenance, regular service and repair of machines. Usage of machine as well as all of these services is free.

In case machine breaks down, it is being repaired as quick as possible. If it is not possible to repair we will replace it with new one, so you don`t have to worry that you will run out of your favorite beverage. Dimensions are as follows: v 52cm, 28cm, 41cm d. Weight is 16 kg.

Nestlé produces all supplies needed. Thus Nestlé guarantees the quality of all drinks.