NEW! Espresso coffee BUONDI

From five departments (Beograd, Novi Sad, Niš, Čačak and Bavanište) supplies around 90 % of Serbian market

Offer for business cooperation

Company Nestle Adriatic Foods d.o.o. as a manufacturer of espresso,instant coffee, hot chocolate and hot beverages and Vending as operator in a joint cooperation are able to offer you:


1) Nestlé Buondi espresso coffee

2) POS materials for Buondi espresso:



  • Buondi cups for espresso and cappuccino in sufficient quantity.
  • Sugar in bags (1 pc. per coffee) is free and is distributed with the delivery of coffee.
  • Buondi napkins.
  • Plastic spoons (130 per one kg) – packed one by one.
  • Metal spoons

3) Espresso machine:

Nestle Adriatic Foods d.o.o. is offering you for free new espresso machine Faema Enova. Policy of our company is to sign long lasting contract with all the best HoReCa places in Serbia.

4) Services:

  • Each break down of machine is being repaired (free of charge) at most in 24 hours.
  • In case that it can’t be repaired in such a short notice Nestlé Adriatic Foods must change the machine that is either better or with the same characteristics.
  • While contract is valid, Nestlé Adriatic Foods will do service once in 2 months.


5) Training for employees:

Nestlé Adriatic Foods provides all of its VIP customers with special training for their employees (barista, bartender, waiters) that improves the knowledge of preparing coffee, tracks new trends and defines standardization of coffee beverages.